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  • Watch original short Spanish stories, with subtitles at your own speed.
  • Read the stories in both Spanish and English.
  • Test how good you are catching Spanish words.
  • Print Beautiful summaries and useful phrases.
  • Learn hacks for real Memorization.
  • Start speaking - not parroting back.

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Could a unique ebook with a minicourse packed with stories, actionable tasks and printables help you improve the way you learn?


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Engaging Content

My ebook uses original Spanish video stories with subtitles to make learning engaging and fun, but also transcripts of the stories in Spanish and English.

Excellent Resources

It's also packing video guides, in-depth exercises, summary sheets, study tips and memorization strategies.

Freedom of Learning

Master Ear is designed for independent learners, allowing you to learn at your own pace and convenience. You get an instant lifetime access.

All The secrets they didn't tell you in school!

Ever wondered HOW Europeans learn all those languages?... Do they have a secret skill? Not really. But there are tips and strategies, that me and many other people used to become fluent in foreign languages. And sometimes they are not all that obvious. I've packed all the good basics for skyrocketing your learning into this cute minicourse to give you just the insight you might be missing to make progress in Spanish.

Lucie Jedlicka

Imagine being able to understand and speak Spanish fluently and confidently.

Treat yourself to my 'Spanish Master Ear' videobook and put yourself on the fast track to achieving this dream. One story at a time.

You are getting:

  • 3 x Video story
  • 3 x Transcripts in Spanish
  • 3 x Translations into English
  • 8 x Mini video guide
  • 9 x Spanish exercises
  • 3 x Answer key
  • 3 x Key phrases
  • 3 x Summary sheet
  • 4 x Challenges

With answer keys and guides this mini course it is totally suitable to beginner level too. Don't wait until you understand a bit more, try something new instead. Grab the book today  and immerse yourself into short Spanish stories.


All The Tools You Need To Start making progress in one brilliant minicourse packed with knowledge and support. 💫

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